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Tulip Festival 2014

We are now open, check our hours of operation below


We will be Open tomorrow from 10 -5. Due to the number of people coming this year we will have temporary parking closures throughout the day and throughout the weekend.

Make the long drive at your own risk as you might be turned away.

Parking is limited and only at the Seabird Gas bar, there is absolutely NO PARKING allowed on the Hwy, local roads or on private property. Please do not walk through people's properties.

We will do our best to warn you of these closures through signage on the Hwy's closer to Agassiz. If you see these closed signs, please go for lunch or coffee in Agassiz and Harrison Hot Springs and return at a later time or choose another day to visit.

Mid day is the busiest time.

I am very sorry for the inconvenience of our early closure today. It was the only way we could manage the dangerous parking and pedestrian situations that were occurring everywhere.

Facebook is the easiest way for me to communicate during the day so I will keep you posted.

I won't post temporary parking closures only big changes to our hours or open status.


Field Bloomn Status

Many of our varieties are in fulll bloom . About 3/4 of the field is showing at least some colour, 1/2 in full bloom. Over the next 10 days the fields will be changing daily, more coming into bloom and many finishing.

The only issue is the weather. Come prepared with boots,

Updated photo's on Festival page


3971 Lougheed Highway, Agassiz, BC, Canada
Latitude : 49.274295 | Longitude : -121.709262

The above address works on google maps but not on iphone maps. The map below is correct..


This year the fields are a 1 km walk from the parking area. For safety reasons, everyone (including bus tours) needs to be dropped off at the parking area. Very limited handicap parking available. If you are unable to walk that distance than it would be best to visit us on weekdays (W-F) as handicap parking will more likely be available.

Admission Rates

Cash Only
Adult: $3
Seniors $2.50
Kids 12 and under: free
Groups of 10+: $2.50/adult

Parking Rates

Cash Only

All proceeds for parking are going to the Seabird Travel Club allowing families the opportunity to travel when otherwise unable.
$10/small bus
$15/large bus

See Tulip Festival page for up to date photo`s

Visit our Tulip Stand for cut flowers